Meet the Exec

SWWRF has an Exec Committee drawn from our membership. Exec members are nominated by our members and usually hold their posts for a term of two years.

The Exec meets four times a year and organises the quarterly meetings, as well as any seminars, training, visits, our annual conference and any other SWWRF business.

The Exec members are:

Chairman - Vacant


Vice Chair - Vacant


Agenda Secretary - Shared between Richard Haycock, Peter Blenard and Rachel Reid.


Treasurer - Andrew Prestt, North Somerset Council.


Membership Secretary - Kate Cole, CIWM.

Minutes Secretary - Marsha Llewellyn, Forest of Dean District Council.


SWWRF rep on the Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee (LARAC) - Dawn Fearn, Gloucester City Council.


Conference Organiser - Carol Arthur, Torbay Council.


Website Officer - Andrew Prestt, North Somerset Council.


Area reps:


Devon - Nicky Bowman, Devon County Council.


Cornwall - Vacant


Dorset - Dan Williams, Dorset Waste Partnership.

Somerset - Beth Prince, Somerset Waste Partnership.


Gloucester - Marsha Llewellyn, Gloucestershire Joint Waste Team.

Wiltshire - Vacant


Private Sector - Emma How, Eunomia.

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