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Recycling 'Myths and Legends' Christmas Event

The SWWRF recycling ‘Myths and Legends’ Christmas meeting commenced at The Red Brick Building Centre, Glastonbury on Tuesday 3rd December with guest speakers providing insight into global goals for sustainable development.

Excellent guest speakers included Waste Aid who provided a comprehensive overview of the impacts of plastic pollution and rubbish on the world’s poorest people and the environment. The charity also outlined developments they are undertaking to contribute to reaching a number of the United Nations sustainability goals.

Environmental consultancy, Eunomia, outlined the importance of and issues surrounding using bio-plastics to mitigate the global plastics crisis, businesses compliance with Extent Producer Responsibility and communicated the challenges involved in successfully integrating them into the recycling process.

The Global Eco-Brick Alliance Group highlighted key projects and achievements using unwanted plastics to create indoor furniture, gardens and parks, and other creative structures. This innovation is an example of what can be achieved at a local level to make use of un-recyclable plastics.

Whilst new start up Loop presented how they aim to off-set single-use plastics at events and festivals with innovative re-usable essentials such as plates and cutlery and their, soon to be implemented, mobile dish washing station.

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by our delegates and provided excellent networking opportunities with a range of expertise in the waste industry sharing their knowledge and experiences. We look forward to seeing you all at the next event in the Spring!

The Rolls Royce is powered from bio-methane from Organic Powers own anaerobic digestion plant.

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